Injection Moulding

Gemini specialise in the manufacture of Injection moulded parts from low to high volume production here in the UK. We supply parts worldwide to many market sectors : From Automotive, Medical & Industrial to Packaging products in an extensive range of materials and finishes with quick delivery times without compromising on quality. Gemini can provide a wide range of after moulded services from spraying, printing right through to component assembly to offer a complete finished product.

  • Injection moulding low – high volumes
  • Precision injection moulding of all thermoplastic materials
  • Components can be produced in a range of additives and colour matched
  • Production facility producing parts here in the UK
  • Initial field trials or full production parts
  • Part assembly available
  • Part finishing from spraying or printing also available

Injection moulding process

The process for Injection moulding consists of plastic being fed into a heated barrel and screw of an injection machine which is then injected into a mould cavity at high pressure. The plastic is then held inside the mould for varying times depending on the part which will allow the part to cool off.  The mould and clamping unit will open to allow the finished component to be ejected from the mould either manually or automatically so that the process can be repeated.

"specialists in the manufacture of injection moulded precision parts"


Our expertise has taken us into many markets

  • Consumer packaging
  • Hair care, laundry, beverage, floor care, air care, devices
  • Medical
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Automotive & transport
  • Air induction hoses, interior cooling, fuel systems, fluid reservoirs, steering and suspension boots
  • Industrial & Construction
  • Respirators, cable management, temporary hoarding, fence caps, Ice packs
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Classified

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