Gemini provides low to high volume quantities, quickly and to the highest standards here in the UK.

Specialists in the manufacture of

Injection moulded precision parts.

We can produce components in a wide range of materials, from small batches to large volume production.

Production blow moulded parts from single or multi-layered through to ISBM lightweight bottles.

Welcome to Gemini Manufacturing!


Injection Moulding

Gemini specialise in the manufacture of Injection moulded parts from low to high volume production here in the UK. We supply parts worldwide to many market sectors : From Automotive, Medical & Industrial to Packaging products in an extensive range of materials and finishes with quick delivery times without compromising on quality

Blow Moulding

Gemini specializes in the manufacture of blow moulded components, having a wealth of experience in the production of components in a vast range of materials and huge variety of forms and sizes. EBM can be used for many plastics; from PP and HDPE to PETG . It allows for a high rate of production with relatively low tooling cost, and can incorporate design features such as handles and co-extrusion/multilayers.


Gemini believe that high quality Assembly and finishing of components can define the success of a product, which is why we offer a range of solutions from low volume hand trimming to high volume fully automated post operation and assembly, through to a fully packaged product.

Injection Stretch Blow Moulding

For many years Gemini have been leaders in the field for blow moulding production. We service many market sectors from consumer packaging to automotive and aerospace. It has always been our business to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and one key area we have identified is the manufacturing of ISBM Injection stretch blow moulding.

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What we do

Welcome to Gemini Manufacturing – a forward thinking company with a wealth of knowledge, with the desire and enthusiasm to deliver flexible and quality solutions for a range of production requirements. Gemini can confidently provide the complete solution for all your production needs from producing the parts through to after moulded assembly to a fully packaged product.

With a range of equipment from Injection & Blow moulded processes in a range of materials through to Injection stretch PET or multilayer Co-extruded machines, we can meet the latest demands for part production.